Print Wizard printer

No weeding, no pre-treatment and no fuss!

Print Wizard printers incorporate white toner and unique high-quality RIP software which when combined with the right papers and specially developed LED toners, produce bright vibrant prints over a wide range of products.

You don’t need to buy specially coated blank textile media and there is no need for a pre-treatment! You can even print onto dark colours and there’s no fixed box like normal transfers.

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By selecting the correct paper and settings for the job you are now no longer restricted to the products you can print onto.

self weesing transfer paperFor garments, you can print onto: 

♦ Light and dark cotton ♦ Synthetics ♦ Wool ♦ Nylon ♦ Silk ♦ and many others.

Or switch the paper to print:

♦ Glass ♦ Ceramics ♦ Wood ♦ Card ♦ Signs ♦ and other surfaces.

The process is so simple and there is no longer any need for weeding!


More Applications



♦ Print Wizard comes with colour matching and colour correct utilities – it can match Pantone Colour books! The unique RIP software allows you to vary the amount of white toner that you apply to an image, giving you the capacity to change the density, boost the colour output and adjust colour curves.

Practical for home use and on the move -with a print area of up to A4 or A3, depending on the model, this handy printer basically takes up the same amount of room as your household printer.

Boost your production – this great quality, high-speed solution can print up to 31 pages per minute with a print resolution of 1200 x 600 dpi. Click to see what this could mean for your profit potential.

Save yourself some hassle. The Print Wizard toner printer can be purchased as a starter package ready to go, complete with white and CMYK toner, the unique Transfer Wizard RIP software, heat press and transfer papers.



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